Baptism for babies, children and adults takes place in a service also called Christening.

We invite you, your child and friends and family to consider coming for a Christening. This is the first step in someone’s life to learn about God and the Christian way of life. It includes a welcome into the local and worldwide Christian family.
Christenings can be held at St George's Church, which would be a service for your family and friends, followed on a mutually convenient Sunday by a Welcome at St George's Academy at 10:45am, when the congregation will welcome you. Christenings can also be held at St George's Academy at 10:45am in the main Sunday service.
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Please contact the parish administrator (01325 332017 or

We apologise that no Christenings can take place during the Coronavirus pandemic. However please make contact so that we can let you know when this will be possible again.